About Uptivity


Uptivity was born in 2019 but has been a work-in-progress since 2012. We’re an innovative and award-winning creative software company of about 15 people. We’re headquartered in Newcastle upon Tyne, England, Uk.


Our CEO, Muhammad Ali, started the company after his own bad experiences of dealing with technology companies who charged an-arm-and-a-leg for building business applications with lock-ins (by writing code in a way which is awkward for others to understand).

Our company’s ethos is totally opposite; we build software applications that add value to business without major costs and we don’t believe in technology lock-ins and long-term contracts. This may sound counter-intuitive, but this gives our clients peace of mind, builds trust, and we enjoy an over 90% client retention because of these values.

Why we do what we do: We take great pleasure in bringing practical innovation to real businesses; solving complex business problems using technology, and offering value in terms of saving time, effort and money.


Did you know that Newcastle was at the heart of the Industrial Revolution? This was the daddy of disruption, where innovation and new technology enabled businesses to form, to grow, and become world-leading. The world had seen nothing quite like it.

We very much feel that disruptive spirit. We bring technology and innovation to businesses worldwide through our cloud-based products, enabling other business to grow and be better. 



A complete Property Management Software

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A complete Food & Drink management platform.

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Just Sell

Your One-Stop Web Shop for
Service and Product-based businesses.

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Our staff are diverse in many different ways; including age, gender, cultural background, race, education, social class and more.

This is one of our core strengths because when diversity meets curiosity, it becomes a creative juggernaut. We balance this with a pinch of negativity (to keep us grounded) and a relentless focus on ease-of-implementation and use. This way we only come out with solutions which are achievable within time and budget, and whose benefits and improvements are deliverable.

We listen to everyone’s ideas. From interns and apprentices, to the CEO, everyone’s involved in the day-to-day and big decision-making in the company, and are equally as hands-on. Whilst we do have an organisational structure, it’s never a barrier for anyone in our team to express their thoughts, creativity and ideas, which is something we love!

Asset Management

Tag and track your assets using printable QR codes or RFID tags.

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Ensure high-quality of service across training, quality control, and cleanliness etc.

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Stock Control

Take full control of your stock management, tracking stock with the use of barcode and QR code stickers; ensure quality control, be informed of stock levels, monitor sales

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Our default “CAN DO” attitude makes us a good potential technology partner for growing, forward-looking companies.

We have decades worth of collective experience between our teams when it comes to business applications and solving business challenges using technology. 

Alongside providing cloud-based ready-made affordable apps at Uptivity, we also offer consultancy, which is where our tag line of look, listen, think and ponder, is fully demonstrated. This and customised and bespoke software solutions are through our other brand SenServe .

Listed below are some of the tools and services we offer:

  • Recruitment Software
  • Project Management Services
  • Sales Marketing Systems
  • Customer Relationship Management (CRM) Systems
  • Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) Systems
  • B2B Apps (mobile and tablet)
  • Sales & Field Staff Mobile Apps
  • Integration of Payment Gateways
  • Integration with 3rd Party Databases
  • Predictive trends and intelligent reporting

Learn more at www.senserve.com

Amongst all of this, we find time to be charitable. We have technology solutions for charities which is non a commercial offering. We help charities to their benefit, and that’s enough for us. We make our money in other ways.

Report a Repair

Relieve the stress and hassle related to repairs.

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Smart Workorders

Report and resolve repairs with built in repairs-reporting system for tenants

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Keys Management

Tag and track your keys using printable QR codes or RFID tags

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