There’s a range of apps in the Uptivity Suite

All apps are designed to complement one another, as part of comprehensive software solutions, but can function alone just as effectively

  Smart Workorders
  • Intuitive CMMS
  • For reporting jobs, and
  • Tendering to find the right people.
  • Included is a structured report-a-repair.
  • Cloud-based app. No paper needed. 
  Digital Documents
  • Create your own forms, or
  • Use our growing list of pre-built forms.
  • Like eTenancy aggreements.
  • With workflow and e-signatures. 
  • Pay as you use pricing. 
  • Buy credits. Discounts for large credit purchase. 

  Keys Management

Never lose your keys

  • An inexpensive keys tracking solution.
  • Using QR codes or embeded RFID to check them in and out. 


More than just checklists.

Use for:

  • Collecting data,
  • Training staff,
  • Surveying and audits. 
 Be Heard
  • Collect customer feedback.
  • We can push it onto your social media & website.
  • We can send it to:
  • Tripadvisor, Google Reviews and, etc

   You Do
  • You Do is an easy way to send (and monitor) jobs & requests to colleagues.
  • With it, you will never forget what has been asked from whom.
  • Your colleagues can also send you a You Do.

   Asset Management
  • Keep track of inventories and assets using QR codes and RFID tags.
  • Manage Fixed Assets (location) & Rotational Assets (who has them).
  • Allocate maintenance checks, reminders to each asset.
  • View repair and servicing history of each asset.

  Attendance Rota
  • Biometric clocking,
  • Using standard Android phone/tablet,
  • Checking against shifts,
  • Auto rostering & scheduling.
  • Customers see driver location & arrival time.
  • Auto Route for best delivery sequence using traffic-information.
  • Feedback collected & sent to your social media.

  Stock Control
  • Register deliveries and track incoming orders.
  • Scan oututgoing items to be in complete control of your inventory.
  • Be prompted when stock is running low, to avoid running out.


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