There’s a range of apps in the Uptivity Suite

All apps are designed to complement one another, as part of comprehensive software solutions, but can function alone just as effectively

  Smart Workorders

An intuitive CMMS for reporting jobs, finding the appropriate staff, and making sure that they are done well.

  Keys Management

By combining existing technologies in an innovative way, this is an inexpensive keys tracking solution.

  Enhanced Checklists

A powerful tool that can be customised for anything from collecting data to training staff and managing daily tasks.

  Be Heard

A tool to create quick and easy surveys to collect staff and customer feedback in a  meaningful way.

  Digital Documents

A secure way to collect e-signatures, store, back-up and search through important documents.

  Attendance Rota

A simple staff attendance and scheduling system. With  biometric clocking in-and-out using an android tablet.

  Stock Control

Track incoming orders, outgoing items, register deliveries and be in complete control of your inventory.

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