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All of our apps are designed to complement one another in any business set up, as part of a
comprehensive all-in-one software solution. Despite this, they are fully functional as individual apps, meaning you have unlimited amounts of customisation available to best suit your business needs and budget.


JustSell App


  • Your One-Stop Web Shop for Service and Product-based businesses
  • Your own branded App for your customers to place direct orders
  • Webshop with integrated online payment
  • Product Listing and Stock Management App
  • Field Sales & Shop Sales Rep App
Asset Management App

Asset Management

  • Tag and track your assets using printable QR codes or RFID tags
  • Scan tags to unlock asset repair history, servicing, fault reports, and use
  • Manage who has your assets, where they are, and when they’re due to be returned
  • Receive and provide asset repair reports showing fixes, who they were done by, and when
Checklist App


  • All in one task-checking system with options to use premade sector-specific checklists or create your own tailored to your business
  • Ensure high-quality of service across training, quality control, and cleanliness etc.
  • Manage staff, collect customer feedback, improve productivity, and more!
stock control app

Stock Control

  • Take full control of your stock management, tracking stock with the use of barcode and QR code stickers; ensure quality control, be informed of stock levels, monitor sales
  • Make sure stock is regulation-compliant with on-hand data reports and timescales from manufacturer to shop floor
  • Reorder stock from the same app, saving time!
  • Monitor business consumables and stock leaks; ensure you never lose sight of returns and write-offs, and see where you are using stock the most
Report A Repair App

Report a Repair

  • Relieve the stress and hassle related to repairs
  • Report repairs anytime, anywhere
  • Available around the clock, tenants can report 24/7
  • All information gathered from the form, no need for call backs for extra information
  • Reduce call queues for your staff
  • Create time to spend recruiting landlords and tenants

Smart Workorders

  • Intuitive CMMS
  • Report and resolve repairs with built in repairs-reporting system for tenants
  • Streamline contract work with scheduling, planning, and cataloguing local tradesmen
  • Stay on top of your property management; review tenant feedback, keep up to date with work progress, ensure quality service
key management app

Keys Management

  • Tag and track your keys using printable QR codes or RFID tags
  • Manage who has your keys, where they are, and what they’re being used for
  • Ensure your keys are safe with signature check-ins from any device
  • Find lost keys with GDPR-compliant return system
Attendance Rota App

Attendance Rota

  • Paperless staff attendance management with the functions available for Face ID and location sign-ins
  • Manage your staff’s hours – see who is late, who leaves early, and who does additional hours
  • Automatically schedule your rotas, taking into account your staff’s contracted hours, roles, and preferred hours
Digital Document App

Digital Documents

  • Digitalise your business documents; distribute and store documents all from one app including HR documents such as contracts and tenancy agreements
  • Streamline your processes with e-signature signing, bulk-document sending, and e-form creation and population
  • Secure your sensitive documents in the cloud, and allow access only to assigned staff members and relevant customers
Delivery App


  • Manage your businesses deliveries with a 0% commission charge
  • Real-time driver location and ETA tracking for yourself and your customers
  • Route streamlining with automatic route optimisation, en route delivery allocation, and contactless deliveries
  • Digitalise your paper delivery notes for bookkeeping and administrative ease
be heard app

Be Heard

  • Collect customer and staff feedback on the go
  • Integrated share feedback option for all major social media and website platforms
  • Use collected data to tailor and improve your services
YouDo App

You Do

  • Manage staff tasks, prioritise accordingly, and track their progress from one app
  • Built-in requests form to quickly process staff requests across the whole business
  • Capture sales leads on the go with the ability to store lead information and business cards in one app
  • Schedule meetings and take meeting minutes with the function to allow staff members to contribute by including photos and notes

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