Fixed Assets Management

Tag your fixed assets with QR Codes or RFID Tags. Tenants can Scan QR codes to report faults, engineers can scan the same tag to check an asset’s repairs history. Asset managers analyse repair trends, common issues and keep spare parts in stock.

Rotational Assets Management

Check your rotational assets in and out using QR codes. In a single view, see what’s due to be returned. Text reminders sent to people who’ve not returned loaned assets. Remind your workforce to regularly perform safety checks on assets such as vehicles and ladders. Reduce liability risk of your business and keep your team safe and compliant while they’re on the field using company assets and tools.

Keep your customers in the know

From issues reported by tenants to issues resolved by your team, everything is captured with photographic evidence with costs and time spent on each issue. Our Asset Management App saves and shares information to the right people at the right time. Send email notifications or detailed PDF reports with remedial work done and parts replaced with a few clicks. Better still, reports can be set to send automatically too.

Your Own QR Codes on the go

Our asset management App comes with a portable battery powered Bluetooth QR code printer. Print QR codes for the assets while on the move. Different label sizes fit on every size of asset. The printer is compatible with 24 different colour tapes so you can have different assets tagged in different colours e.g. red QR tag for something critical. The QR tags are heat and scratch resistant and waterproof too so you can stick them anywhere. Should you lose a tag, you can re-print the tag when you want. No more waiting for 3rd party suppliers to provide you the asset tags.

RFID & GPS Asset tags

With our innovative approach, we can link RFID tags to assets too. Instead of scanning a physical tag, simply walk within the RFID operating range to detect what assets are within the reach. Perfect for areas with a lot of assets that need to be accounted for in a short space such as property inventory checks.

Who is Asset Management for?

Our Pricing

Our pricing can be customised to your business’s specific needs. We offer subscriptions to individual apps and packages tailored for different sectors.

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