Organise your keys and know who has them

Managing keys can be hard. If you are tired of losing keys, of reputation-damaging lock replacements or embarrassing mistakes, we can provide the perfect solution and save you time and money. Our Keys Management App helps you to organise

Assign QR codes to your keys

Each key will be assigned a QR code, which will be printed and fixed on the key tag. These will tell you what each key opens.

Print your own key tags

You will be provided with your own QR code printer to print (and reprint) your own key tags. We do not charge for your key tags.

Scan your keys in and out

Registered users scan their keys out from the App when using them. You will always know where all your keys are and who is accountable for them by simply checking the App. Keys are signed for digitally and allocated until re-scanned on return.

Automatic SMS and email reminders when keys are not returned

Our Keys Management App sends automatic notifications via SMS text messages or emails if keys have not been returned on time. You can also decide who receives them: it could be the key taker, their manager, both or the whole team.

No more missed appointments

Our Keys Management App will help you make sure you will always have the right key ready when needed. Stop turning the repairman, cleaning staff or customers away because the key to open the door has been lost or misplaced.

GDPR compliant key tags

Protect your customers’ data with GDPR-compliant key tags. Your properties are safe even if keys are lost and found by unregistered users. If they scan a lost key, the QR code never shows any personal information but just who key needs to be returned to and how to contact them. You can choose to be notified of any unregistered users’ activity.

Boost your reputation and customers’ satisfaction

Lost keys and lock replacements do not only cost you time and money, but also your reputation. Choose our App and show your customers you are reliable and are taking all the necessary steps to ensure maximum safety and security.

Check in and out from any device

Once registered on a computer, keys can be scanned in and out with any ordinary tablet or phone.

Check in and out from anywhere

As our apps are Cloud-based, you can use them from anywhere, not just the office. Use our Keys Management App from wherever your business takes you and scan your keys in and out with any device using Android or iOS.

Go paperless

Managing your records on paper is a time-consuming task. Our App saves you time, storage space and money, and it helps you ensure information is always up-to-date to avoid mistakes.


As an award-winning innovation company, we want to work with you to research the best way to overcome the specific challenges you are facing. If QR code key tags don’t work for your business, we are happy to implement other technologies, for example Bluetooth, GPS or NFC.

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Our pricing can be customised to your business’s specific needs. We offer subscriptions to individual apps and packages tailored for different sectors.

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