Show that you're available 24/7

Tenants can report around the clock, reducing call queues for your staff. All information gathered from the form so no need for call backs for extra information. 

Accurate reporting with images and asset information

Tenant reports the issue through the form, attaches images and gives detailed information about the issue.

Property manager Notified straight away

If a repair is reported, the Property Manager is informed straight away with a notification. All information regarding the repair is attached, including images, property details, tenant’s details etc. 

Minimise unnecessary site visits

Eliminate any wasted site visits due to misinformation by having accurate reporting with images through the form.

Don't get lost in Translation

Allow your tenants to translate the page in their language and report using the language they’re comfortable in. 

Keep everyone COVID-19 secure

Avoid tenants visiting your office, contractors making unnecessary site visits by letting the tenants report repairs through the form.

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