Increased Staff Efficiency

Anyone with the app can report jobs,
no matter their department.

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eReport Repairs

Tenants are guided to report-a-repair with meaningful information using photos. They are kept up-to-date with progress so don’t have to keep calling for updates.s.

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Find the right person

Tender repair requests to contractors. After the issue is resolved, they add a photo to Work Order and customer feedback. This helps you to evaluate the work, without going to check.

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Who are Smart Workorders for?

Facilities Managers

Quickly report spillages and broken items

Attach photos and videos to requests

Property Managers

Communicate with your tenants, contractors and landlords easily

Use digital tools to report repairs, find contractors and send invoices


Set up clear, defined
lists of tasks and watch as they are completed

Keep records of all processes for inspections and training

See Smart Workorders in action

Impressed with Smart Workorders?
we can track your assets’ servicing history too for safety and compliance

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