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Here at Uptivity Apps, innovation is at the heart of what we do; creating business management and productivity Apps that provide real solutions for the every-day SME owner. Our suite of Apps has been developed over the past nine years by using our experience of Software Development in various industries and sectors. We’re a technology company that solve real life business problems. Innovation and Creativity is at heart of everything we do. Together, we have brought to life the vision of Uptivity; business made simple!

If you’re an SME owner looking for affordable, transparent, and user-friendly solutions for your growing business, we’re here to help! In the meantime, meet some of our members…

Muhammad Ali

CEO & Founder

I started my career in technology at 17 years old,  and have since gained experience in education, hospitality, health, and property tech.  I founded my first technology business in 2012, having worked in the technology sector for over 15 years. I am the go-to person when it comes to converting raw ideas into a finished product.

Ash Nehmet

Research & Business Development Manager

I joined Uptivity in 2017 as a Research & Business Development Manager. I’m in charge of idea development across our business and our apps, although you can also find blogs written by me on Uptivity’s blog.

Kieran Robinson

Technical Manager

I joined Uptivity in 2017 as a Technical Support Apprentice and have since progressed onto becoming a Technical Manager. I am the main point of call for our clients when it comes to all thing’s tech in their businesses.

Cristina Peligra

Growth & Content Manager

I joined Uptivity in 2020 as a Growth & Content Manager. I am in charge of Uptivity’s marketing and growth, finding new clients, and supporting the company’s online presence.

Bethany Robson

Marketing Coordinator Apprentice

I joined Uptivity in 2021 as a Marketing Coordinator Apprentice. My main role is to overlook Uptivity’s social media and website presence, and you can find most of my work on the company’s social media platforms.

Olivia-Rose Grey

Freelance Content Writer

I started working with Uptivity in 2020 as a Creative Content Intern and have since worked as a Freelance Content Writer. My main role is to create and enhance Uptivity’s website content alongside the in-house marketing team.

Susie Davies

Freelance Videographer

I joined Uptivity in 2020 as a Freelance Videographer. My main role is to create professional and informative video content for both the Uptivity website and our clients. 

Saira Ali

HR & Operations Director

I joined the company in 2015 as a HR & Operations Director. My main role is HR resource planning & operations management. I am also involved in overseeing our Apps quality control team.

Wilery Da Silva

Information Systems’ Trainee

I joined Uptivity in 2021 as an Information System’s Trainee. My main role is to assist the Technical and Marketing team on whatever they need, and help clients with their social media accounts.

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