Asset Management

For Your Rotational Assets

QR, RFID and GPS tags for your Rotational Assets

Regardless of the tag that you prefer, our App helps keep track of rotational assets showing you who has them, when are they due back and which assets have not been returned. QR Tags give you freedom as you can print as many tags as you wish whilst on the field.

Check assets in and out

Gone are the days of maintaining paper logs of who has taken out which ladder, toolbox or vehicle. Each rotational asset gets its own smart QR/RFID tag. Scan these and select who is taking what item and when they’re expected to return.

Automatic reminders

If an asset is not returned on time, both you and the person who checked the asset out are reminded via text and email.

Ensure your assets are always safe and ready to be used

Rotational assets need to be tested or calibrated frequently. Our Asset Management App helps you create tailored checklists for each type of asset to ensure they’re fit for purpose, ready and calibrated when they’re needed for important jobs.

Manage risks and liability

Reduce business liability by automatically reminding your staff to carry out all mandatory checks on assets and equipment such as vehicles, ladders, chainsaws and other power tools. Our Asset Management App reminds the user to complete a safety checklist when they loan the equipment. The App shows them video guides and instructions on how to use the assets safely to avoid injuries. Get the users consent and agreement digitally and record these when the asset is being checked out. Ensure safety of your team and reduce risk to your business.

Create automatic Workorders

Where equipment or an asset fails a safety checklist, a Workorder is created for the owner or the technician in real-time, giving further instructions on where to take the asset or equipment for inspection. Be notified when that asset is safe to use or where an alternative is available.

Who is Asset Management for?

Our Pricing

Our pricing can be customised to your business’s specific needs. We offer subscriptions to individual apps and packages tailored for different sectors.

*One-off setup fees may apply.
**RFID tags costs not included.
***QR Code printer not included.

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