Asset Management

For Your Fixed Assets

Tag Your Fixed Assets with QR Codes or RFID Tags

All your fixed assets will be tagged using QR codes or RFID. You will be provided with your own QR code printer. QR labels can be printed in different colours to identify what type of equipment it is. Labels are water and heat resistant and do not peel off easily.

Report a Fault Through the App

If a user finds that an asset is faulty, they can report it by simply scanning the QR code on the asset. They won’t need to provide the asset’s serial number or location: all the relevant information will be transferred over to the asset manager who can pull all the historic repairs, warranty and purchasing information without asking further questions.

Repair management made easy

If a fault is reported, a Workorder is created automatically which can be assigned to the right engineer. They resolve the issue, complete a specific checklist for that asset, capture photographs in real-time. Tenant and asset manager get notified instantly when the issue is resolved.

Your Asset’s History safe within the QR or RFID tag

By scanning the QR or RFID tag, engineers can retrieve detailed information about the asset e.g. technical & servicing guides, checklists, known faults, repair history. Even before leaving to attend to the issue, the engineer can equip themselves with the right tools e.g. take ladders with them if the asset is located on a height or take relevant spare parts.

Recurring Faults and Trends

By accessing an asset’s faults and repairs history, you will be able to make an informed decision on whether an item should be fixed or replaced. The App will also help you analyse trends to understand what the underlying issues are and what replacement parts you need to keep in stock.

Who is Asset Management for?

Our Pricing

Our pricing can be customised to your business’s specific needs. We offer subscriptions to individual apps and packages tailored for different sectors.

*One-off setup fees may apply.
**RFID tags costs not included.
***QR Code printer not included.

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