Apps Working Together For All Your Business Needs

Uptivity provide a wide range of easy-to-use Apps working together to make managing properties, assets and repairs hassle-free:

  • Allow your tenants to report repairs 24/7
  • Ensure consistency and accuracy
  • Collect customer feedback and photo evidence of jobs completed
  • Track and manage all your keys and assets on one platform
  • Digitise forms and collect digital signatures.

Choose Uptivity to:

  • Get instant notifications of any issues reported to act promptly and ensure tenants are safe
  • Reduce liability risk of your business
  • Stay compliant and always ensure the highest standards
  • Keep landlords informed of all progresses
  • Save money with a fixed monthly subscription and no hidden fees
  • Create time to spend on recruiting tenants and landlords
  • Reduce human error, automate processes and increase efficiency
  • Improve communication with tenants, landlords and contractors and customer experience
  • Minimise contact by going paperless.

24/7 Report-a-Repair with Photo Upload

  • Tenants report repairs around the clock
  • Images can be attached for accurate reporting
  • Minimise unnecessary visits and reduce call backs as all information is collected via the form
  • Translation feature available to let your international tenants report an issue in their own language.

Your Complete One-Stop Maintenance Management App

  • Organise repair jobs based on type and priority
  • Get instant quotes via the App
  • Landlord approval in one click
  • Tender jobs to contractors Uber style based on price and availability or allocate to internal maintenance staff
  • Digital job sheets with before and after pictures and completion notes
  • Collect tenants’ feedback to market to your landlords and help contractors improve their services.

No More Missed Contractors’ Visits

  • Tenants notified of ETA in real-time and able to track contractors to know when to be in
  • Plan contractors’ routes efficiently automatically
  • Contractors’ ID and ratings to ensure safety and security of your tenants and properties.

Tag and Track Your Keys and Assets with QR codes

  • Print your own QR code key tags and labels to keep track of all your keys and assets
  • Scan keys in and out on the App with digital signatures
  • Know who has your keys at all times and get reminders if keys are not returned
  • Scan QR labels to see assets’ repair histories and what parts have been replaced and by whom.

GDPR-Compliant Key Tags

  • Protect your properties by being notified of any suspicious activity
  • Keep you landlords’ details safe
  • GDPR-compliant key tags do not allow any unregistered users to access property information
  • Lost and found key tags scanned by unregistered users only show where to return the key
  • You will no longer need to worry about expensive and reputation damaging lock replacements
  • Boost your reputation and customers’ satisfaction and trust in your business.

Fixed and Rotational Asset Management

  • Tag fixed assets (e.g. boilers, white goods) with QR codes. Tenants scan them to report a repair and engineers see the asset’s repair history and repair trends to manage stock and make repair decisions efficiently based on data
  • Rotational assets (like tools or company vehicles) scanned in and out with QR codes. See who has loaned them, when they are due and who has not returned them.

Ensure Consistency with Digital Checklists

  • Tenants’ use guides available
  • Technical manuals and training videos for your engineers via the App
  • Each job is done consistently and accurately following SOPs and digital checklists
  • Capture photographic evidence
  • PDF reports with images, notes and action plans, emailed in one click.

eTenancy and Digital Documents

  • Create your own forms with the answer types you need to upload on your website
  • Tenants’ enquiries forms, landlord applications and agreements, referencing, contracts, but also your own recruitment and payroll forms, all can be digitised
  • Tenants will no longer need to come to the office to sign forms but will be able to complete them in their own time from home
  • Copies are sent automatically to everyone who will need one
  • Collect digital signatures and get automatic text and email reminders (e.g. rent due).

Inventory & Inspections using RFID

  • Rather than scanning each asset, those tagged with RFID technology are picked up within 20 meters
  • Automatic surveying to compare assets against property inventories quickly and accurately
  • Keep inspection data secure using a simple system.

Hassle-free Rota Scheduling & Attendance Tracking

  • Forget paper timesheets and rotas
  • Staff clock in and out with Biometric Facial Recognition
  • See how is late or too early by matching clocking in and out times with shifts
  • Leave personalised notes and training reminders at clock in
  • Create rotas automatically taking roles, skills and preferences into account
  • No expensive devices needed, just a tablet.

Project Management and Sales Development Made Easy

  • Streamline team communication
  • Collect leads digitally so they are followed up timely
  • Send requests in one click and track their status on the App
  • Keep meeting notes in one place.

Let Your Staff Be Heard

  • Show your employees you value them and know what they really think 
  • Collect their feedback on a simple App to identify areas for improvement
  • Surveys can be anonymous to let your staff communicate honestly.

See how Uptivity Apps work together to make Property Management hassle-free.

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