Resinity for the Hospitality Sector

Reliable food safety compliancy: from kitchen to customer!


  • Record and track food and equipment temperatures across the manufacturing process via smart Bluetooth technology; ensure food is kept at the right temperature at all times, and maintain your fridge and freezer performances 
  • Be alerted when there is a failure in the manufacturing process; whether a fridge shuts down, or food temperatures aren’t up to standard, you will be the first to know and be able to find a solution quickly 
  • Manage staff production standards; ensure all of your staff are following safety regulations with staff monitoring in accordance with the production process 
  • Keep your production line up to standard with the latest HACCP, BRC, and ISO regulations – available with integrated checklists for Checkki 

Track and record your dish details

  • For managers and staff; log the details of each dish with innovative QR-code technology, including the production process, imagery, ingredients, allergies and more! 
  • For customers; use QR-codes on menus to discover dish ingredients, allergens, and calories details, allowing them to make informed and safe decisions about what they eat 

Staff Management

  • Attendance; biometric (facial recognition) clocking-in/out system with personalised on-screen messages for each staff member, track attendance patterns, pay for hours worked efficiently, manage time-off and annual leave 
  • Rota Scheduling; automatically schedule your rota based on staff availability and skills, staff updated with their rota or any changes via text message to ensure clear and consistent internal communications 
  • Task Assignment; create daily briefs for staff members to follow in accordance with their skill-level and role, create notes for new-starters, allergies, staff attendance, special reservations etc. 
  • Digitally record accidents and incidents; staff can report to a manager, and manage any required actions, follow-ups, or reports 

Stock Management

  • Use QR-code technology to manage your stock levels; allow staff to place orders digitally, record deliveries and restocks with QR-code technology, know what’s being delivered and when, manage what stock is being used and its levels in real-time, pay for what is actually delivered i.e., never pay for missing stock! 

Premises Management

  • Manage your assets; track your assets such as kitchen or manufacturing equipment with QR-codes and RFID-tags, log repair and use history, manage who has your assets and why, receive repair reports after every contractor repair  
  • Report repairs; staff can report repairs needed throughout your premises by scanning equipment’s individual QR-codes, which are then forwarded on to approved contractors who will perform the repair and provide photo evidence of completed tasks 
  • Manage keys; tag and track your premises and equipment keys with printable QR-codes, staff can check keys in and out using a digital signature system, track the keys use and whereabouts, find lost keys with a GDPR-compliant return system 


Customer Feedback

  • Receive customer feedback; use our customer feedback app to understand your customer experience (good or bad!) and make improvements on your business model and delivery, installed in the front of your premises or used as a remote tablet at each table, incentivise feedback with the option of adding giveaways or prize-draws 

From Farm to Fork, Everything Managed, Tracked and Traced.

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