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Ash Nehmet

Research & Business Development Manager

I joined Uptivity in 2017 as a Research & Business Development Manager, although typical to the nature of a small business, throughout my time here I’ve contributed across the board to help with business growth; you may have read my controversial blog posts over on our blog! With over thirty years of experience working as a technical consultant for organisations such as the NHS, EU Patent Office and European Space Agency (among many more!), I have a fantastic, in-depth understanding of technical business management.

My most prominent work involves idea development for the business and our apps; challenging ideas and creating new, innovative approaches to the work we do. A natural-born thinker, I am the person to go to if you want something new, fresh, and out-of-the-box, and I am happy to brainstorm with anyone who needs my help in the office. A major proponent of my role has been helping develop our existing app suite, which I’ve been able to tailor thanks to my cross-sector experience throughout my career.

In my spare time (although I’d argue I don’t have any!), I like to write fiction novels, and I have self-published them for everyone to read!

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