Uptivity Suite of Apps for Airline and Aircraft Management

Working together, Uptivity Suite of Apps allow Airlines to operate efficiently while improving passengers and staff experience:

  • Hassle Free Aircraft Maintenance
  • Intelligent Airline Asset Management
  • Smart Stock and Inventory Management for Airlines
  • Compliance and Quality Management Apps
  • Efficient Aircraft Safety and Inspection Checks
  • Real-time Safety Inspection Report
  • Improved Airline Customer Services
  • Train and Update Airline Staff skills with Latest & Best Aviation Practices
  • Become an Efficient Airline with Innovative Staff and Contractor Management
  • Effective Airline Tasks Communication
  • High Standard Airline Catering Quality Checks 

Aircraft Maintenance with Touch of a Button

  • Smart Work Orders– Proactive and Reactive Maintenance of Aircraft with our all-in-one Work Order Management Solution
  • Automated reminders for scheduled maintenance checks
  • Report a Repair for reactive maintenance ensuring noting is missed
  • Checkki App for making sure every little detail is checked consistently without a fail with reactive maintenance ensuring noting is missed and left to chance. 

Intelligent Airline Asset Management

  • Print your own QR codes and track everything from Fixed to Rotational Asset Management
  • RFID Enabled Smart Asset Tags for Aircraft checks on Hard-to-Reach places
  • Tools and Equipment Tracking made easy- Never lose important tools and equipment. Know who has them and where they are with our Rotational Asset Management
  • Based on servicing & repair history, Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence based algorithm predicts the replacement lifecycle of essential parts and assets

Smart Stock Management for Parts, Supplies and Consumables

  • Intelligent Stock Control System– Right Inventory and Stock Levels, for Right Jobs, at the Right Times
  • Link consumption of parts and supplies to cost centres, departments and projects for better costs analysis
  • Track Every Incoming, Outgoing, Delivered and Consumed inventory, parts and supply item
  • All your staff, contractors and management connected via single Mobile App for all your Stock Parts and Supplies (stock requests, purchase orders, approvals, delivery confirmations and much more)
  • Alerts and Reminders to relevant staff of stock levels, requests, deliveries and check-ins
  • Tag incoming stock and supplies with your own barcodes or QR codes for easy check-ins, check-outs and stock takes
  • Integration with your existing systems with real-time data API’s
  • Artificial Intelligence based predictive stock management system that predicts the consumable and spare parts needs during peak and off-peak seasons
  • Make intelligent buying decisions of stock items, save costs and never be over and under stock of critical parts and supplies
  • Instant real-time stock request from App, immediate ordering for emergency parts and supplies
  • Supply Chain pricing and lead time managed efficiently

Airline Compliance Management at your Fingertips

  • With Checkki, you can carry out compliance checks required by the aviation industry for each country and region consistently without a failure
  • Risk Assessments all done digitally with audit scoring rating calculated
  • Ensure your staff is aware of the compliance procedures by providing training videos before, during or after flights
  • Capture everything consistently with custom assessment questions along with photographs, videos and action items
  • Gain agreement from your staff on compliance standards they’re meant to adhere to with built-in digital terms and conditions and electronic signature
  • Compliance PDF reports automatically compiled and sent directly from the mobile App
  • Smart Work Orders ensure all compliance action items are followed through with other teams such as ground maintenance and engineering teams etc.
  • All in one compliance solution helps Airline to meet high degree of Health & Safety International Standards

Aircraft Safety Checks & Inspections

  • Checkki allows to ensure highest degree of safety standards across the whole aircraft
  • Smart Work Orders ensures every issue or problem identified by inspection and quality team is actioned, proof of work saved and available for audits in real-time
  • Real-time alerting to management and supervisors for any critical inspections’ findings for immediate attention
  • Urgent approval of repairs, replacement parts and supplies where inspection audit identified potential risks

Inspections and Safety Reports Done Right

  • Every minute detail of inspection captured with images, videos, notes, action items in real-time with Smart Work Orders
  • Reports generated automatically in real-time electronically for immediate review by supervisors
  • Action plan automatically generated, tasks allocated to right teams and contractors to rectify any potential risks identified
  • Audit score calculated automatically based on the weightage of the risk to ensure high safety standard requirements are met
  • Real-time triggers and notifications to relevant teams, contractors and departments
  • MaintainPad App records remedial work carried out in real-time, updating action items on inspection report automatically

Improve Airline Customer Services

  • Cabin Cleaning, Hygiene and Anti-virus cleaning Checks done to high standards with Checkki App ensuring every detail is checked and a cleaning inspection report generated automatically
  • Cabin Preparation Checks made easy for the cabin crew with Checkki & MaintainPad Apps
  • Airline Feedback collected with BeHeard App to identify overall or specific areas i.e. catering, cleanliness and even for Airline Staff to ensure management is aware of their concerns
  • Improved Airline Catering Experience with our Resinity App ensuring Food Allergen, Ingredients, Special Dietary Requests (Halal, Vegetarian, Vegan) and ensuring Food Traceability within the catering supply chain

Train and Update Airline Staff skills with Latest & Best Aviation Practices

  • Checkki App allows Airline staff and contractors to not only follow procedures and collect evidence of checks but also enables them to learn the best industry practices and re-train on new procedures with built-in training and instruction videos. Ensuring all Airline staff is fully trained and compliant on Aviation standards and follow best practices
  • MaintainPad App ensures standard operating procedures and best practices are followed through when it comes to reporting and fixing something that does not follow the Aviation Standards and Practices

Become an Efficient Airline with Innovative Staff and Contractor Management

  • Smart Rota/Roster Planning with Attendance Rota App based on Airline booking volume for Ground Staff, Cabin Crew and even 3rd party Contractors
  • Biometric Clock-in system for staff with on-screen reminders of tasks and trainings when clocking-in and out
  • Contractors location based attendance when they reach on-site to carry out their jobs creating digital timesheets for accurate billing and invoicing
  • Digital Documents App allows for Staff and Contractors to sign disclaimers, liability, engagement and legal contracts
  • Checkki App ensures Staff and Contractors carry out work and follow procedures as per Aviation Industry Standards
  • MaintainPad Contractor App allows all work carried out by contractors to be recorded digitally and makes the job sheet available for further inspection in real-time

Effective Airline Tasks Communication

  • YouDo App ensures all staff, contractors and team’s jobs are allocated with real-time updates of progress
  • Capture, store and share Meeting Notes, Voice Notes, Send Purchase Requests, Helpdesk and Customer Support to relevant personnel direct from the App
  • MaintainPad allows jobs and tasks allocation direct from the App to the relevant team, department or contractor. The status and report of the allocated task is then updated in real-time too ensuring everyone is updated constantly minimising communication gaps
  • Checkki App ensures each task is done consistently right for the first time, regardless who does it. Offering training and help videos so in event of no supervision, the task is still completed to high quality standards

High Standard Airline Catering Quality Checks

  • Resinity is a Full Suite of Food Quality Apps helping Airline Catering Companies and Supply chains to deliver high quality food to passengers improving customer satisfaction and meeting increased customers diverse dietary needs
  • Meeting international food labelling standards (dietary, nutritional, allergen) available in multiple languages just with a scan of a QR code
  • Comprehensive Food Traceability with Blockchain and Smart Labels ensuring the Airline Catering Food Supply Chain follows food regulations. Better traceability enhances passenger’s food safety and increased satisfaction.

Data Safety, Privacy and Security

  • Industry-Standard Data Security; Encrypted and secure communication of data no matter where you access it from. Secure Cloud infrastructure protecting sensitive information and ensuring GDPR-compliance.
  • Peace-of-mind Data Safety and High Availability; ISO Certified Data Centers with 99.9% up-times with regular data backups and disaster recovery to make sure your operations keep running smoothly around the clock.

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