JustSell for Vets

Do you own or manage a veterinary practice? Would you like to simplify your booking and selling process? Here is how JustSell can help you get your online services up and running…

What is included?

JustSell isn’t just a one-off app experience. You also have the option to include the services below:



a Complete operations Management System

Personalised social media marketing support

Business Branded Apps

Unlike other webshop providers, with JustSell you have the option to receive your very own branded applications for your use, and your customers.


  • Listing App: list any services you provide or products you sell in your practice with full customisation available.
  • Ordering App: your customers will be able to schedule appointments, book treatments, and purchase pet products with ease.


Your webshop is what it says on the tin: YOURS!
A unique benefit to choosing JustSell over other webshop providers is that your website is your own. This means:

  • You have full customisation ability
  • No limits to the number of products you sell or services you provide
  • We charge no commission on your sales or bookings.

When you run a business as complex as a veterinary practice, you need to be able to meet all of the niche services our beloved pets need. So, whether you’re cleaning dog’s teeth, vaccinating cats, operating on hamsters, or visiting a colicy horse; JustSell can offer you the flexibility you and your customers need.

Operations Management System

Simplicity is one of the biggest selling points for JustSell. Why? Well, with our Gold Package not only are you given your own branded Apps and webstore, but you also have the option to use our operations management applications, including:


  • Our attendance tracking and automatic rota scheduling App Attendance Rota
  • Our feedback App BeHeard
  • Our quality control checklist feature Checkki
  • Our task, project and communication management App YouDo.

Social Media Marketing Support

In the digital age, we all rely on social media to keep up with our local businesses – this includes vets! Not everyone knows how to social media market though, and that’s OK because we have you covered! At an additional cost, our marketing specialists can help you start up and run your social media pages:

  • Keep your customers up to date with business changes.
  • Help your customers keep in contact with you.
  • Share online shop offers and deals.

Running a veterinary practice can be made so much simple with JustSell. We’ve written a blog post with more detail about how our services can help your practices here.

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