Be in control of your inventory


Know what you have in your stock cupboard


Know who has taken what & when they took it


Alerts and Purchase Requests when items run low


Never over order or run low......

Low cost lifetime subscription rather than usual monthly subscription fees


Right Inventory at the right place at the right time

FREE – Support for 6 months included at no cost

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Stock Control app to manage all your inventory on a tablet

  • See how much stock/inventory you have in one window.
  • Automatic reminders when any item is running low.
  • Keep track of what has been received against what was ordered.
  • Staff can request inventory items quickly, using a smartphone or tablet.
  • Avoid double orders, where different staff order the same item.
  • Know who has taken which item at what time. This will reduce missing or unaccounted-for inventory.
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Already being used by businesses

Potters of Exeter say,

“We are very happy with the system, it’s made such a difference to our work and your customer service is exceptional so thank you!”

Developed for London Heathrow Airport

Big businesses like Heathrow need Stock Control to keep internal-use supplies from becoming overstocked or running out. These might be hand-sanitation gels, cleaning gloves, or de-icer for runways. 

A US based elderly care centre

“We use Stock Control app primarily to manage supplies and costs associated with pesonal protective equipment. These are critical and expensive, so we can’t allow them to run low or to go missing.”

Other business are benefiting. Join them

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Stock Control is an Uptivity app

Uptivity: upping productivity

Uptivity was setup to help business increase productivity. Ideally suited to these times of rising staff costs and labour shortages.

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Uptivity has innovation and technology in it’s blood. It’s what we do.

Business focus

Uptivity aims for business customers to earn more with less work, effort and cost.


Uptivity is a British company based in England. We’re in the historic industrial city of Newcastle upon Tyne, which is about an hour south of Scotland.

Disruption: the biggest ever

Newcastle was at the heart of the industrial revolution. This was the daddy of disruption, where new technology transformed the world. We very much feel that disruptive spirit.

Customer service

We love our customers, and they love us. We know this because they return to us again and again for more software products, apps, consultancy and anything and everything.

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Uptivity was founded by Muhammad Ali. Who is he?

Muhammad grew up in the bustling Punjabi city of Lahore. After difficult family circumstances, a young adolescent Muhammad displayed his never-give-in spirit by working his way to England as a technology student. But it wasn’t an easy student life for Muhammad. He had two jobs, as well as attending classes and doing coursework.

After graduation, he first worked as an Apple Genius, and then an IT Manager for an educational college. But then the entrepreneurial spirit became difficult to control and Muhammad left his job to start his own software company, SenServe, welcoming again 90 hour weeks.

Muhammad has a remarkable ability to translate complex processes, map them into simple workflows, and then automate them. He put those to good use at SenServe, winning awards in the process.

SenServe later mutated into software-as-a-service (SaaS) provider, and Uptivity was born. Its aim being help small to medium-sized businesses work more efficiently, saving themselves time, effort and money. Essentially, to help businesses do what they do, but better.

Muhammad has built both Senserve and Uptivity from nothing by using only his brain, limitless work ethic, immense determination and buckets of perspiration.

Some people are winners. He’s one. Just like the other Ali.

Written By Ash Nehmet (Uptivity R&D Manager)

Claim your own Stock Control app, from Uptivty

British-based & helping business make more money with less work

Claim your own Stock Control app, from Uptivty

British-based & helping business make more money with less work

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