What makes it Enhanced?

Normally checklists have just tick boxes. We have many different answer types, like drop-down selections. Particular answers can have follow-up questions. Pictures can also be added in responses.

Immediate Notification

Answers can be set to trigger instant notifications (to the person who needs to know immediately). Answers can also be given values (points) which are summed up at the end..

Capture Everything

You can create questionnaires and forms that allow you to gather information and generate reports. You can even attach photos.

Train your Staff

Create bespoke tasklists for your employees so they understand how to do each job properly. You can even attach training videos.


Generate reports from each completed checklist, including pictures submitted to answer questions. Or get a summary report of multiple checklists over a chosen period of time.

Watch our short demonstration of how to make and use Enhanced Checklists. 

Getting Started is Easy


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