A use case of Delivity

Read about a grocery store and plumbing company benefitting from the Delivity app.

Del’s Delicatessen

..are purveyors of fine foods at reasonable prices (according to their marketing). With social distancing required, they needed to start delivering orders. 

They enjoy two particular benefits from Delivity: that it puts their orders in the best sequence (for most efficient delivery). And all their customers that day, can track the driver and know when to be in. 

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Dragons Drains

Dragons Drains only recently started using Delivity. Delivity lets their customers know when to expect them. And they get to know which customers have seen the message.

Before they would need to call every customer, now those who aren’t tracking him. Even the last person who he will visit, gets to know the estimated arrival time first thing. Delivity also collects feedback which helps them to improve their service.

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Efficiency for All


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